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2006-05-15 ActWin 3.52C  

ActWin update to version 3.52C (date 2005-05-15).

New functions:

- Importing symbols by Copy/Paste from other software (e.g. Excel) is now supported
- Improved symbol export function (e.g. to Excel), possibility to select symbol fields to include in the copy
- Improved installation, all license files copied from installation file folder

The import function is available in the main symbol window and as well in the Symbols/Addresses window.

Some of the correctons:

- A problem with the progress indicator in the status bar could in some cases slow down operations
- EH-D16ER was missing in the list of selectable expansion units (EH-D16ED was listed two times)
- A lot of issues regarding the "__xxx" symbol name format
- Some online and monitoring issues
- Speeding up symbol window operation by eliminating unnecessary redraws
- Some issues regarding export to Excel


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