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Actwin AB is an independent software vendor for industrial software founded in 1997. Based on the experience of making PLC programming software since 1982, then as the software development group in Actron AB. Actwin AB has the goal to produce state-of-the-art industrial automation software tools.

Actwin AB is situated in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. We share the top floor of a modern office building just outside Gothenburg with our sister company Actron AB. Actron AB is the Swedish Hitachi distributor and also our Swedish distributor.


Postal mail and address:
Importgatan 7
S-422 46 Hisings-Backa (Gothenburg)


Support office:
Actron control d.o.o.
ulica 15. maja 16
SI-6000, Koper

Tel: +386 5 8280 940
Fax: +386 82 800 244


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